Katja van den Bogaert


Katja van den Bogaert takes creative cues from her native land of the Netherlands by translating its beauty and raw essence onto canvas. For her, nature, the environment, and the allure of water serve as a wellspring of inspiration. Her main objective is to forge a profound connection with the healing qualities of water. For her, water symbolizes a source of rejuvenation and restoration. It represents the highest expression of the human element, embodying universal love and higher consciousness deeply rooted in wisdom.

Throughout her creative process, van den Bogaert allows her instincts to guide her, unencumbered by conscious thought. Her art flows forth authentically, as an expression of her individuality and respect for others, all the while aligning with the rhythm of her heartbeat. Her ultimate aspiration is to craft paintings that captivate and engage viewers, evoking a sensory response. As one gazes upon her artwork, may they uncover a layered tale that extends far beyond the surface, a world steeped in depth and significance.

Born in the Netherlands, van den Bogaert received a degree from the Dance Academy of Art in Tilburg, where she worked for several years before opening a teahouse with a friend. While she enjoyed running her own business, van den Bogaert ultimately decided to follow a creative path towards her passion: depicting her inner sanctum through large canvases that appear to take on a life of their own.



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