Katja van den Bogaert creates playful abstract paintings informed by her sensitivity to the imperceivable. Paintings that engage the viewer and can trigger a sensory response. If you look longer, see and feel, there is a layered story within my compositions a world deep beyond the surface

Pure, somethimes raw, elusive, fluid energy.

Every blank canvas is an opportunity to dissolve into the oneness, connect and bring back what wants to be felt, expressed and ultimately seen and understood.

Her work connects intimately with the world just outside of our ordinary sensory perception. While adding, layering and blending the work comes intuitive.

Van den Bogaert’s philosophy of art is simple; she thrives on abstract painting as it allows her carefree spirit the freedom to create acting on impulse, driven by instinct.

Van den Bogaert use of color and design create delightful and joyful intuitive artworks.