Former ballet teacher and entrepreneur Katja van den Bogaert sees her abstract paintings in terms of action and vibration.
Bridging the gap between dance and fine art, she builds free-flowing shapes and patterns inspired by the natural world. Katja’s carefree and boisterous spirit becomes evident on her linen canvases through layered and blended paints, which take on organic forms and structures.
Each composition reveals a story, a world hidden deep beyond the surface, which is told in the language of texture, line, color, and form. When painting, Katja draws from an intuitive rather than conscious place. Her abstracts allow her the freedom to create on impulse driven by instinct.
Born in the Netherlands, Katja received a degree from the Dance Academy Art School in Tilburg, where she worked for several years before opening a teahouse with a friend. While she enjoyed running her own business, Katja ultimately decided to follow a more creative path towards her passion: depicting her inner sanctum through large canvases that appear to take on a life of their own.